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Celebrating 10 years in Norway

Apr 24, 2015

Employee-owned Golder Associates AS (Norway) is proud to be celebrating a decade of business success in April 2015. "As a result of a global contract for local environmental investigations - Golder in Norway was incorporated 2005 and...Read more

Identify Energy Efficiency Improvements to Cut Operating Costs

Mar 16, 2015

A combination of economic pressures, technological advances and higher awareness of available options is driving many industries’ interest in saving kilowatts – including the mining industry. In this composite feature in...Read more

Consulting on the Future

Mar 16, 2015

While the mining industry is licking its wounds after a brutal few years that have seen commodity prices tumble, liquidity dry up and projects shelved, it needs to think carefully about the future. The consulting feature in Mining Magazine...Read more

Creütz at sheet piling work site

Mikael Creütz awarded The Golden Pile 2014

Mar 12, 2015

The Commission on Pile Research, together with the Swedish Association for Foundation Engineering, awarded The Golden Pile to Golder Associates on March 12. Golder was recognized as a significant contributor to the Swedish piling technology and...Read more

Andre Van Niekerk

Andre Van Niekerk: Golder talks diverse water solutions

Mar 10, 2015

Ahead of the Water Management article in the March issue of International Mining, Golder Associates reports on several cutting-edge mine water reclamation and reuse projects in which it has been involved. In this news piece, Golder discusses...Read more

Dave Walker

Dave Walker: It’s still cold out there

Feb 17, 2015

Last year was supposed to see an end to the deep freeze for mining consultancies. But after the usual New Year glow, temperatures kept dropping for the important service sector. What will provide a spark in 2015? In this consultants feature...Read more

Ken Been

Ken Been: Keeping a cool head in the Arctic

Feb 9, 2015

Over the coming decades, the Arctic could become an immensely important region for petroleum extraction. As the region opens up for exploration and production, more and more engineers will face the particular challenges of the High North. To...Read more

Roberto Mezzalma

Roberto Mezzalama: Hard Stats Show Greener Oil & Gas In Italy

Jan 12, 2015

In a recent article in World Oil, Roberto Mezzalama, Global Sustainability Advisor at Golder Associates, argues that quantifying an industry’s full environmental performance is essential for supporting discussions of national and...Read more

Spigoted tailings deposition and ongoing dam raising.

Time for a review: Golder shares its know-how on the management of tailings storage facilities

Jan 5, 2015

There are few topics more controversial or more likely to attract global media attention on the mining industry than the failure of a tailings storage facility (TSF). Recent failures of this kind have been reported by international media this year...Read more

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