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Samantha Arnold

Samantha Arnold: Waste management assumptions aren’t forever

Aug 27, 2015

According to the UK's Department of Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), waste management accounts for three percent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. However, due to uncertainties in theoretical modelling and quantification...Read more

Karen Dingley: The Road to Success

Jun 1, 2015

The lack of reliable infrastructure provisions presents a great challenge for many ventures on the African continent, including new mines in West Africa. In this opinion piece for Mining Journal and Mining Magazine’s West Africa...Read more

Gareth Digges La Touche

New Mining Frontiers

May 14, 2015

There are numerous challenges and operational issues involved in setting up mines in remote regions, or in areas new to a mining company. In this Mining Magazine feature on new frontiers, Golder Associates and other leading consultancies and...Read more

 Åke Eriksson

No Time to Waste

May 5, 2015

Although the December 2017 deadline for the prohibition of mercury cell technology in the EU still seems far away, time is running out for chlorine producers who have yet to start the conversion away from mercury based production. In this...Read more

Hisham Mahmoud

Dr. Hisham Mahmoud moves to Golder Associates as New President and CEO

Apr 28, 2015

Golder Associates, the global consulting and engineering firm, announces today that it has appointed Dr. Hisham Mahmoud as its President and CEO. Dr. Mahmoud has been appointed to this role after an extensive global search over recent months. He...Read more

10 year logo

Celebrating 10 years in Norway

Apr 24, 2015

Employee-owned Golder Associates AS (Norway) is proud to be celebrating a decade of business success in April 2015. "As a result of a global contract for local environmental investigations - Golder in Norway was incorporated 2005 and...Read more

Four reasons to run an ESOS energy audit

Apr 22, 2015

From this year, all UK companies with more than 250 employees have to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). The idea behind this is to save money and power through lower energy consumption, but the rewards do not stop there....Read more

Identify Energy Efficiency Improvements to Cut Operating Costs

Mar 16, 2015

A combination of economic pressures, technological advances and higher awareness of available options is driving many industries’ interest in saving kilowatts – including the mining industry. In this composite feature in...Read more

Consulting on the Future

Mar 16, 2015

While the mining industry is licking its wounds after a brutal few years that have seen commodity prices tumble, liquidity dry up and projects shelved, it needs to think carefully about the future. The consulting feature in Mining Magazine...Read more

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